TermsAndCon Basic HD Package EN

TrueID Basic HD content preview terms and conditions

This agreement is made between True Digital and Media Platform Co., Ltd. which is the provider of TrueID application (hereinafter referred to as “the provider”), and the TrueID subscriber (hereinafter referred to as “the user”).

  1. TrueID Basic HD package enables content previews for TrueID application users through mobile phones/tablets/websites.  
  2. The user may enjoy a free trial of the package through TrueID application only after the user has accepted the privilege and received the confirmation message in the application.
  3. TrueID Basic HD package offers the trial for free of charge.
  4. The user will receive the privilege to view contents in TrueID Basic HD package from True Visions Group Co., Ltd. and True Digital and Media Platform Co., Ltd. on TrueID application through mobile phones, tablets and www.trueid.net through personal computers (PC) and notebook computers in Thailand only.
  5. The free trial package covers contents from TrueID and www.trueid.net only. It is exclusive of other costs such as 4G/3G/EDGE/GPRS, content download, home internet connection, news, oversea call, roaming services and other additional services which will be charged as per the rate of the user’s main promotion package.
  6. TrueID application and www.trueid.net user agreements shall be determined by the provider.
  7. Any privilege provided in this package is non-exchangeable, non-refundable, or non-redeemable into cash or other items, and non-transferable to any individual or entity.
  8. The user shall not demand the provider to compensate for any damage in the event that the provider is unable to provide part or all of the services at times due to malfunctions or force majeure events.
  9. If the user conducts any of the following acts, the company is entitled terminate services provided under this agreement and initiate legal actions immediately.

9.1     Injustices to the provider or other persons directly or indirectly, or interferences or inconveniences or harms to the network or its performance or disruptions on any part of it.

9.2     With enough reasons to believe, fraudulent or deceptive activities to the services, or legal activities.  

  1. The company reserves its rights to change, modify, suspend or terminate the services without a prior notice if there are regulations, orders or policies of relevant authorities requiring changes, modifications, suspensions or terminations of the services, or such orders increase obligations on the company’s part.    

Hereby the user has acknowledged and accepted the terms specified by the provider in which the user fully understands all the details, therefore accepts and agrees to use the free trial of the package.